Podcast Episode 2 Guide : Reincarnation


  1. 7 Ways to Fulfill your Urge to Travel during the Pandemic
  2. Stigmas surrounding the concept of Reincarnation
  3. What is Reincarnation?
  4. Reincarnation in esoteric religions and cults
  5. Reincarnation in Pop Culture
  6. What we can learn about reincarnation in our everyday lives


Even in the Philippines. You don’t usually get to hear a lot of people talking about reincarnation except for hopeless romantics who would wish that they’d be together with their partners in the next life, even if it would mean they are monkeys or starfishes.

For some, they find reincarnation more scientific than heaven and hell. According to scientists who believes in reincarnation, everything, including the soul is an energy so you cannot destroy energy but it can just change forms. 

According to them (Hare Krsna Movement), they believe in reincarnation but the goal is to stop the cycle of death and birth. So our goal here on earth is to be one with God after we die. That’s why they believe that we should devote our lives to God so that we stop the cycle. 

Whatever you do now, it will reflect on your next lives. So if you got away with a murder on this lifetime, maybe you will pay for your sins in the next. So the mere fact that we are humans now with the ability to think, feel, act, decide, etc means we deserve to be humans and not worms. 

I was listening to a podcast  by Duncan Russel and he told the listeners that being human right now on this planet is like we passed the ivy leagues. 

Everything is happening all at the same time. The past, the present and the future. 

So the lesson of the story is everyone around you is just the reincarnation of yourself. Meaning, everyone around you is you. So if you hurt someone, you are hurting yourself. If you kill someone you are killing yourself. If you are kind to someone, you are being kind on yourself. 

Thinking like this would allow us to be non-judgemental. If we realize that we are all one, why would we judge other people now?

For some, reincarnation is cleaning your mess later or cleaning your mess now.  Believing in reincarnation would allow us to be more loving to others, and that is the main teaching of every world religion there is. LOVE. And once we embody that love, and be that transcendental love, then we can stop the cycle of death and rebirth, so that we can become one with our main source, God or the universe. 


  1. 7 Ways to Fulfill your Urge to Travel during the Pandemic – The writer suggested 7 ways on how to fulfill our wanderlust during the pandemic.
  2. Adopt a Cat Facebook Page- This is an adopt a cat page in my province, but you can search for other Adopt a Cat pages in your area.
  3. Duncan Trussel Family Hour Podcast– A comedic podcast about new age stuff. He is also the guy behind one of my favorite netflix shows, The Midnight Gospel.
  4. Kurzgesagt Youtube Channel– Here you can find the The Egg episode mentioned in the podcast. Cool animation and narration. The music is lit too!
  5. I Origins – A movie about reincarnation


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Podcast Episode 1 Guide : Podcasting and Productivity

Since the language of my podcast is in Tagalog-English (Taglish), I don’t want other listeners to miss some certain points of the podcast. I will be putting here the quotable quotes per podcast and the recommendations I mentioned in the podcast.


  1. Why should you listen to my podcast and podcasts in general?
  2. How to reach your audience using podcasts?
  3. Podcast recommendations
  4. What is Productivity
  5. Productivity as a lifestyle
  6. Why you should create a system to organize your professional and personal life.
  7. Different kinds of organization systems and their pros and cons
  8. App Recommendations to help you organize your life


“Although I dont always listen to podcasts regularly, they are my go-to social media medium whenever I need to stay quiet somewhere and learn something new or just to find an inspiration.”

The number one benefit of having an system of your own is that you generate extra time. And you can use this extra time to do the things you love doing aside from your day job or the business that you are managing. 

There are 2 advantages on using an analog system like a notebook or a planner. First, it is proven that there is more retention on your thoughts and ideas when you write it on paper than when you write it online. Second, when you use this, you are less prone to online distractions like social media. 

Again, for productivity, you can create a system of your own that will work for you. Always remember the benefits you can get when you organize your life a little bit. Take this as a baby step. If you really are not into organizing and this is super new to you, just keep a calendar or use your phone’s calendar and schedule things.


  1. Anchor – This is where I host the podcast. I am so in love with this app because it did everything for me, for free. So if you are interested to produce a podcast, go and visit the site.
  2. Victory Church Podcast– This was the podcast I listened to back in college when I was still a church rat. Good wisdom from the pastors.
  3. Small Talks by Alec Cuenca– One of my favorite podcasters in the Philippines. The topics are mainly about self help and self development.
  4. Deep Questions with Cal Newport- Author of the book Deep Work, Cal usually answers questions about producing quality work, productivity and digital minimalism.
  5. The Minimalist Podcast– My podcast staple! Better listen to this duo as they talk about minimalism and other lifestyle hacks.
  6. The Bullet Journal System– This is one of the best analog system if you wish to go analog in your organizational system.
  7. Evernote– The note-taking app that I use to organize my personal and professional life.
  8. Google Calendar


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Week 2 of 52 Weeks of Trouble

Hello again. This is the 2nd week of 2021 and I am excited to share with you my adventures and mis-adventures for this week. Week 2 will be from January 3-9, 2021. I spent most of the week at work, planning for the rest of the year and did some biking here and there. I also spend my time looking for pet shops for Virgo’s food. It was generally an exciting week. 

Virgo the Cat

It’s been more than 2 weeks of taking care of this little cute Siamese kitten. Like what I have said before, this is my first time to pet a cat. I have learned a lot so far. During his first week, I had no idea on how to dispose a cat litter. So almost every other day, I throw things away, which was quite expensive and not sustainable. Thanks to Youtube that I realized that you should only dispose the cat poop, and what better way to do this is to use a litter scooper with holes. These are common sense for some but I am learning these from scratch. I also learned that shifting cat food should be gradual. 


Meditation became a staple this week. And I had a streak! I set 9pm to be my non-negotiable meditation time. I also set 15 minutes of meditation every night. This is a sustainable practice for me because more than 15 minutes is already too much. But I am planning to progress in the next months if I am consistent with my practice. For January, I will not focus on the techniques like posture, breathing, etc, but I want to focus on maintaining consistency and making it a habit. 

I also want to quote an entry from my bullet journal this week:

“I observed that my mind is really cluttered, especially with painful memories. I realized that these just exist in my mind. Sitting HERE and breathing HERE is the only thing there is. I also repeated the mantras “I AM STRONG” and “I’M GOING TO BE STRONG”. I have decided to make a proactive and conscious effort to deal with the monsters that make me weak–insecurities and discontent. Meditation does help. Gratitude helps” – January 3, 2021

“My mind is rotten. I must control it” – January 6, 2021


This is the first workweek of the year and I am already on FIRE! Of course, the Christmas gifts on my desk sparked joy especially the Water Jug I have been dying to have last year (thanks to my boss!). So for January, we usually do some work from last year including assessment of staff, assessment of what happened last year and planning sessions here and there. I will be talking more about my work in the next few weeks. 

I also spend my working days talking to the business counselors. It is a nice feeling to talk to people on a deeper level, to know their motivations, to know what the things they love doing. I guess I will make this a regular practice this year.


Biking is a new hobby for me. We have had several bike nights this week. Glad we were able to finally purchase the front and back lights of the bikes. It was quite scary for a newbie biker to bike on the highway, but I could say that this is already a milestone for me. I am also happy that I get to go to places without spending a single centavo. Last January 5, we went out for the first time and ate at a cool burger joint in town. I ordered chicken wings. Last January 7, we biked our first 14 kilometers.

I realized that I love biking at night. The cold January weather made it more relaxing.

Working Out

For this week, I celebrated my first workout anniversary.
I am also proud of myself for I can already deadlift my weight. I remember that I started with an empty bar a year ago. This is another progress for me. My new mantra now is SLOW PROGRESS IS PROGRESS.

Things I consumed this week:

I will try my best to post my media consumption every week. When I say “media consumption”, these are the things I read, watch or experienced. This week, my media consumption is very low because I have been latching on social media a lot (which is now a work-in-progress, and I have to do something about it already).

Disney’s Soul

Disney has done it again! This time, it’s about the human soul. It is a feel good movie and one should definitely watch this with a creative and open mind. I love how they presented the different kinds of soul. Soundtrack is perfect, too.

How to Stop Being TIRED All the Time – Thomas Frank

This is one good Youtube video. Here, Tom explained why we are always tired and he gave tips on how to overcome this dilemma of almost every person I know.

That’s it for the week. I hope to see you next week!

10 Important Things I Learned from Working Out for a Year.

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert or a nutrition expert. This blog post is only based on my personal experience during my 1-year strength training. Don’t take these advises seriously. What worked for me, may not work for you.

Today, I celebrated my First year anniversary on my weight lifting journey. I took the challenge back in January 2020 without any idea that the world will experience a Pandemic. I enrolled at an old community gym where my dad and his coworkers are going.

This was not my first time in the gym. My first gym experience was in 2009, after college graduation. I went to the same gym but felt demotivated and insecure because I was a skinny, small and shy kid. Although my dad was there to help me with the exercises, going there was kind of a drag.

A few years after, I went to a different gym and hired a trainer. Unfortunately, it was a hit-anywhere strike-anywhere workout program. The trainer did not explain why I am doing the exercises. No assessment, no monitoring of my weight. I left they gym with another skinny physique and no knowledge whatsoever on the techniques.

In 2018 I enrolled at a fancy gym. But it was just fancy and another strike anywhere workout program. It was a lost investment. I am blaming myself for not researching and putting extra effort on my workouts. Again, I left that gym with an empty pocket and a body goal I did not get.

That’s when I tried yoga. I like Yoga because it taught me about spirituality and fitness at the same time. I did become a little flexible than before. I did become strong. During the start of 2020, I integrated it with weight lifitng. Unfortunately, pandemic hit fitness centers, forcing our yoga studio to do the sessions online. I don’t like online classes.

When gyms around the world shut down, a nearby gym opened their doors for us ,exclusively. I was very lucky that they allowed us to have our workout there during the lockdown. I swear, I partly owe them my sanity during that strict lockdown. I learned a lot on my own without a presence of a trainer, thanks to Youtube.

Here are the lessons learned in the past year about exercise and fitness:

1. Consistency is everything– You have to set your gym schedule. And to stick with it no matter what. Make it a non-negotiable part of your week. Don’t allow distractions and laziness to get in your way. I allot 3-5days a week for exercise. When you travel, research for the nearby gym. When the gym is closed, research for home workouts.

2. Rest is also everything– It is important to listen to your body. Rest is very important. Allow your sore muscles to rest.

3. You really don’t need a trainor and a spotter- I realized that on top of the actual workout, we should also take time to research on proper techniques. There are a lot of science-based workout techniques on Youtube. My fave are Jeff Nippard and Jeremy Ethier. Watch them over and over again. You also do not need a spotter. If you can’t carry the weight, it’s not yet for you and you have to lower it down. You can be independent on the gym. You should also practice Physical Distancing. The virus is evolving.

4. You really dont need a fancy gym. If an exclusive membership is for you, grab it. But like what I have said, it’s about proper form and consistency. A good environment is just a bonus.

6. Invest on a good workout program. I started my workout journey using the Minimalist Fitness program by Cho Lim. It is quite expensive but the return is greater. I then invested on another program, this time by Jeff Nippard. I have to say that these programs were one of the best investments I have had in 2020. PS: One thing I love about Jeff Nippard is that he is about my height. He is a small guy, so for short guys like me, he should be your go-to person!

7. Progressive overload. You have to monitor the progression of your workouts. If you can lift 40kg on Bench Press today, try 42kg next time. Or increase your repetitions. The best strategy for this is to create a logbook or bring your notebook. Track your progress every single work out day. It is also a good motivation because you will see and measure your growth.

8. Manage your meals-caloric deficit/surplus. This is a note to self because I swear, I fucked up on my meal planning last year. But when I do get serious about this, I see good changes.

9. Leg motherfucking day is important. Again, DON’T SKIP LEG DAY!

10. Have fun. You dont have to do boring things. You can ditch all my advices here but focus on one important thing: Fitness should spark joy! You should enjoy the process of preparing your gym outfits, commuting or driving to the gym, doing some stretches and cardio, planning meals, etc.

Don’t take fitness seriously. 

So here’s one year of going to the gym did to me. It’s a slow progress but hey, slow progress is still progress!

Week 1 of 52 Weeks of Trouble

So 2021 has 52 Weeks. Based on my Calendar, Week 1 is only composed of 2 days, which is January 1 and 2, Friday and Saturday. Of course, you may argue with me that a week starts on a Monday. I swear, I want Monday to be the start of the week, but for this blog, Sunday will be the start.

52 Weeks of Trouble is just my personal newsletter. What happened to me that week? What did I eat? Did I travel? What articles and books I read? 

So here’s a sneak peak of my WEEK 1

January 1, 2021

New Year’s Eve

This NYE is the most unique NYE in my 31 years of existence. For the first time, I did not spend the NYE at home because of the pandemic. As much as I want holidays to be the same every year, it can’t happen. Last NYE, we celebrated it without my grandfather because he died 2 months before. In 2018, it was different because it’s also the end of my mom’s chemo and we celebrated it with a good quality wine. Although I do not expect next NYE to be the same, I just wish and pray that my family will be spared from this Pandemic.


Today, I started my 15-minute a day meditation habit. Nothing special. No fancy mediation room. No fancy music. Just my minimalist meditation app called OAK and a 15-minute session of sitting still while watching my crazy mind do its course. I have a terrible love-hate relationship with meditation, but this year, I have no reason to hate it. I also did some smudging of the house using Sage and Palo Santo. I am not sure if it is true that the smoke pushes away negative ions, but I live for the aroma. It relaxes me. I have yet to research the scientific side of it. 

New Blog Post

I recently posted something on this blog and posted it on Facebook. I always find it difficult to post something via Facebook because I am afraid that people will judge my writing skills and find my content cringeworthy. But I did post it anyway. I hope it inspired people. 

Virgo’s Health

So a few days before NY, I got myself a Siamese cat and called him Virgo (because I am a Virgo and so is he). So we celebrated the holidays with him. He was a very affectionate and a handsome kitten. Today, he looked a bit weird and as a newbie furparent, I got really worried. His left eye wont open because of a discharge. I hope he’ll be ok soon. 

January 2, 2021

Today was another long day. I went back to the gym for the “first workout of the year” and I felt really strong even though I had a short holiday hiatus and extreme unconscious binge eating Christmas and NY food. Virgo looked better today. I thought his eyes were just irritated because he was really mischievous. 

Day 2 of meditation went well, too. I was able to relax and smile at the traumas in front of me. This day is one of the days where meditation is easy. There are days that meditation is a punishment. Or maybe I was just doing it wrong. 

Some things I consumed:

We Can Be Heroes

This is a really nice film to start the New Year. Nothing fancy. No amazing story line. But It is generally a feel good movie that you should watch. 

Less is Now

This documentary by Matt D’ Avela about the “The Minimalists” is also a good movie to start the year right. It’s about minimalism and how we should not buy the things that will definitely not give us joy. This is very relevant in my life now because last year, due to the pandemic, I became an impulsive buyer. I definitely did not manage my resources well. Good job, Matt!

Start Up

For week 1, we started a Korean Drama called Start Up. It is a good series about family, entrepreneurship and pursuing your passions. I cannot give my take about this because we just watched the first 2 episodes this week. I am going to give my “opinion” about this after watching it. If you have watched is, should I continue it? Is it worth my time?

The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

I started this book last year, but failed to finish it. This January, I am planning to read it. This book is one of the most popular books on stoicism, a philosophy on controlling emotions. It is also focused on the topics about looking one’s experiences as neither good nor bad. 

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

This is my personal follow-up on the documentary Less is More, because this book was recommended in the film. I started it and the topics I have read so far focused on the art of saying NO. I will write about these two books after I finished them. 

That’s it for the week 1 of 52 Weeks of Trouble. See you next week!

10 Non-Material Things I am Grateful for in 2020

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in life is the foundation for all abundance” – Eckhart Tolle

If you have read my previous blog post, GRATITUDE is one of the 7 values I want to uphold in 2021. Today is January 1, 2021 and I want to look back in 2020 and reflect on the things I am grateful for. Although I have had a lot of material blessings and gifts last year, I would like to focus on the non-material things I am grateful for in 2020.

  1. New Learnings

We all had extra time during the lockdown. During the quarantine, I learned a lot of new skills and life hacks. I learned how to cook. I learned a few basic Korean words (not bad). I learned how to operate a livestream sound system. I learned new songs. I learned how to podcast. I learned how to do weight training without a trainor. I learned how to plan my own meals and count calories. I learned how to pet a cat. 

say hello to Baby Virgo. Follow him on Instagram: @virgothesiamese

2. New Friends

How is it even possible to make new friends during the lockdown? During the first few months of the lockdown, I tried singing and hosting at livestreams and met cool and awesome people there. A few of them were my idols. Some I finally met in person. One thing I will never forget during my short stint in livestreaming was my virtual birthday celebration which was attended by more than 50 new friends. It was surreal to even experience this during one of the darkest and bleakest moments of human history. 

3. New Team

During the first month of the pandemic, I was tasked to head a section with around 18 people and it was very challenging. I was scared at first because this is a “new territory” to enter even though we work in the same company and see each other everyday. But they gladly welcomed me in the group. They opened up, they showed their vulnerabilities and they shared their life stories. I also had a paradigm shift with some of the people I misjudged before. It was a humbling experience and I cannot wait to work with them in 2021, pandemic or not. 

Bonus: I celebrated my 10 years in service at work this year! Woot woot!

4. Pandemic Businesses

My line of work is helping Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMES) to grow. This year, even during the pandemic, I have met a lot of inspiring entrepreneurs who decided to put up businesses even when the economy is down. Their bravery is contagious.

5. Volunteer opportunities

Our home church announced that they are on a deficit because of the Pandemic. Since churches were on lockdown, only few offerings were gathered. Our elders decided to seek help from the “creatives” of the church and they asked me to lead the creative team. They asked us to create content for fund raising. It was a roller coaster ride because we were asked to mobilize and create content with all the limitations brought by the pandemic. On the other hand, for some reason, it was very helpful especially for my mental and spiritual health. In the end, we were able to raise Php 400,000.

6. Shameless expression of creativity

2020 allowed a lot of people to BE THERE and to not give a fuck. For the longest time, I have a love-hate relationship with social media and other online platforms. But we are not getting older. So this 2020, I tried to BE THERE, shamelessly and courageously. Like what I have said, I tried creating content via a Livestreaming app. I revived this 2-year old blog. I launched a podcast. I did some tiktok videos (don’t judge me) and singing some Disney and Broadway songs. I remember a hearty chat with a good friend and she told me that she will start creating content because the pandemic made her realize that life is short and unpredictable. 

7. Mom’s continuous remission

My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in 2018. It was a terrible time for the family. But she survived it. In April 2019, her doctors declared her Cancer Free. This year she is still Cancer free. In September 2020, I got her labs and her Cancer levels were very low. I have had anxieties here and there every time she feels under the weather and every time she calls that her stomach is aching. But she got through! 

8. Relatives surviving Covid-19

3 of my close relatives, which will remain anonymous here, were infected. Two of them were confined and one was put into a quarantine facility for asymptomatic patients. It was a difficult time for us especially we are the typical close-knit Filipino family. I am grateful that they survived the virus.

Bonus: Speaking of Family, we were able to celebrate Lolo’s first death anniversary during the pandemic.

9. Complex feelings and emotions

Worst cry ever. Almost suicidal thoughts. Mental breakdowns. Social meltdowns. Betrayals. Obsessions. Anxieties and panic attacks. Desires gone wrong. I experienced them all this 2020. And why am I thankful? Maybe because sadness and all these emotions make us human. And showing these emotions, publicly and bravely, allowed me to connect with more people and to understand people on a deeper level. I always love the idea that all of us, are fucked up. And that is powerful and beautiful at the same time. 

10. Survival

Growing up, I never liked the word “survive”. I find it a bit negative. Instead, I usually use the word “thrive” for a more positive approach. But 2020 is very different, obviously. “Survive” is the only fitting word to use this time. And I am thankful to the Universe for allowing me to survive, for giving me what I need to survive and for giving my loved ones the chance to survive during the Pandemic.

2020 was a challenging year, but hey, if we only write and count what the universe provided us in the past, we will realize how blessed we are. 

Happy New Year and have a mindful and virus free 2021!

My 2021 Core Values and How to Write Yours

It was March of this year when the Philippine Government announced a nationwide lockdown because of the pandemic. It was actually unexpected. We had 2 Covid positive patients that time. A month before this, there was a lockdown in Wuhan. We all thought that it could be hell there. We did not expect that the world will experience a more bitter taste of what Wuhan experienced.

I remember my Day Zero. I was at work when they announced the lockdown. I rushed to the supermarket near our office to buy some essentials. People were panicking. It’s surreal to even experience this, as if I was watching an apocalyptic film. “Social Distancing” is not even part of our vocabulary.

This will be a total fuckery, I assumed. But I also assumed that this wont be long.

One month after, we are still on a lockdown. I have to admit that one month inside the house and daily Food Panda orders can totally mess up your mental and physical health. Prior the pandemic, I used to get 10,000 steps per day and only eat white meat. I love walking. During the lockdown, my GPS will only record the distance between my bed and our front door. Pork Sisig became a staple.

It has been said that when life fucks us up, we should get back on our core and our values. Yes! those existential shit “Who are you?” and “Why are you alive?” questions. 

So I sat down and reflected on my life prior and during the quarantine–the ghosts of 2019 and my 2020 plans which were put on hold because of this global craziness (which by the way, I did great in January-February 2020). I wrote a few of the values I want to carry with me during the quarantine and of course even after this pandemic.

As I write this post, I am inside a coffee shop, as if the Pandemic was already over. There’s already a vaccine. It will reach the Philippines around mid-next year or earlier. But I want to review the values I wrote a few months ago (which felt like eons ago), what I did about them and if I will carry them over in 2021. 

1. Health

Pre-pandemic: I started working out last January 6, 2020 and I only eat white meat. Although that time, I was more focused on how I look instead of what I feel.

Quarantine: I included this value because I realized that this is very important now more than ever. I also realized that with the proper preventive measures, we can really control whether we get the virus or not. I did some few home workouts and asked the “upstairs gym” to let us in during the lockdown. I did some yoga here and there. I practiced Pranayama because I believed this will train my lungs to work on their full potential in case I get the virus. I stopped because I got lazy and got bored. I also decided to integrate red meat in my diet. I surprisingly gained a good amount of fat and muscles during the pandemic. 7 kilos baby! I tried counting my calories and macros but I feel bad every time I overeat so I find it not really sustainable. I find it very restricting. But the concept is still advisable. I had a few flu-like symptoms which was more mentally stressful than it was physically. Recently I bid farewell to the upstairs gym and moved at a mall gym (goodbye $$$).

2021 Plans: Health will still be part of the core and will still be prioritized next year. I will revert (but not strictly) to eating white meat. I will not count calories but I will still monitor what I put inside my body. More fruits and greens. Less of the junk. I have created meal plans with calories and macros, just for guidance and reference.

2. Spirituality

Pre-pandemic: I have a weird relationship with spirituality, but to be honest, this is how we should treat spirituality. I have constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed my faith system multiple times in the past decade. Yes, I have unofficially and discreetly moved away from Christianity but still thriving to follow the teachings of Christ. I meditate sometimes. During the start of the year, I decided to develop a sustainable meditation practice but yeah, this is something I suck at. 

Quarantine: Spirituality is actually a huge word especially during the quarantine. I still have a roller coaster relationship with meditation as well as going to church (when they allowed churches to open). I did volunteer for a huge project at church although I still feel distant with the attending church concept/idea. 

2021 Plans: I really do want to develop a sustainable meditation practice. So for a start, I am going to try a 15-20 minute/day practice. I should call it breath-work instead of meditation. Spirituality will also keep the other values together. 

3. Productivity

Pre-pandemic: I am a minimalist and I love reading books and watching videos about productivity, time management, and self improvement. I am a fan of the bullet journal and the time blocking strategy. I feel stupid every time I slack off. I occasionally procrastinate but I do get things done. Thanks and no thanks to the very organized Virgo energy.

Quarantine: Like everyone else, the pandemic ruined my routines and my productivity “systems”. Our office required us to work from home so I have plenty of time in my hands. I did try a lot of stuff online. I tried self studying Hangul but eventually got bored. I enrolled for a driving lessons and got myself a license. I self studied workout routines so I can go to the gym without any trainor. I am actually proud of myself for the projects and systems I developed at work. I also did some livestreaming but eventually left because I stopped being productive. And recently, I did become a plant daddy.

I included productivity as one of my values because I want to be conscious on how I spend my time. 

2021 Plans: I am still for continuous learning. If given a chance, I want to learn a new language. I also want to start new projects like vlogging or podcasting. The pandemic made me realize that life is really short so we should start to do things we want to do, regardless of our age, gender, nationality,etc. 

4. Beauty

Quarantine: This value seemed very superficial but I included it because for me, beauty is synonymous to quality. More than having a muscular physique and having a skin care regimen, this value speaks of how I should carry myself so that people will feel respected. During the quarantine, I have decided to include this value as a practice on how I present myself to the world after this pandemic. I read books about communication and how to talk to people. I have watched youtube videos about walking and proper posture. I watched youtube videos of Charisma on Command and videos by Vanessa Van Edwards. Unfortunately, I had a couple of mini social meltdowns. Part of being human, right? 

2021 Plans: Because of endless video conferences brought by the pandemic, our physical communication skills deteriorated. I would really love to focus on this area in 2021. I want to learn more about communication. I want people to be comfortable when they are with me. And yeah, the superficial part, I really want to achieve another level of glow up. Cause why not? This is also the best excuse to prioritize skin care products. If it’s a value, then invest. *winks*

5. Service

Pre-pandemic: The start of the year at work was actually pretty for me. My team members are also my friends. I have a few moments when work is a bit dragging, but it’s tolerable. I don’t want to brag, but I am on that stage that I can say that I am grateful with my work. Just a background, I spent 10 years of my life dealing with Micro entrepreneurs. Part of my job is to help backyard industries market their products. 

Quarantine: I could say that my workload became easier despite the challenges of the times and the limitation of working from home, but I also feel bad for the businesses I assist who closed, almost closed, and failed to keep up because of the pandemic. In the middle of the pandemic, I was transferred to another section and asked to lead new people. I included this value because at this stage of my life, my duty to my community is already plotted out for me through my 8-5 job. 

2021 Plans: I would like to develop new systems and improve old systems at work. I want to personally target 50 new businesses to assist next year. 

6. Simplicity

Pre-pandemic- I am vocal about being a minimalist, but I find myself as a hypocrite. Like dude, wtf? I am an impulsive buyer and buy stuff that I do not really need. I don’t even think about my purchases. Marie Kondo will be very disappointed!

Quarantine: Surprisingly, 3-4 months without going to the mall forced everyone to become minimalists. On a deeper level, this quarantine also allowed us to see that we don’t really need a lot of things. We finally got the chance to appreciate the small things we took for granted. I remember one random day during the ECQ when my dad and I went to this small grocery to buy essential items. I stopped going to this store ages ago because why should I go here if there are plenty of huge supermarkets around me? But this time was different. Not going out of the house for months made this small, old, stinky grocery my new heaven. Seriously! Like I literally almost cried! 

2021 Plans: I want to stick with this value and actively pursue simplicity and minimalism. I used the word “actively” because it’s easy nowadays to compare ourselves with other people and what other people have. 

7. Gratitude

Pre-pandemic: It has been said many times that gratitude goes a long way when it comes to our mental health. It allows us to appreciate what we have and not long for anything that we do not have. This is also related to the simplicity value. 

Quarantine: Everyday is a gift during the quarantine. Unfortunately, I failed here. My mom told me that the most important thing during the pandemic is to stay alive. And she’s right. Being alive now should be something to be grateful for already. We could not ask for more. 

2021 Plans (or ASAP): I really want to practice gratitude. Again, to actively practice being grateful. I want to wake up in the morning and just be happy that I am alive. Or maybe have a gratitude journal. Gratitude should be a non-negotiable part of the day.

I am not even sure if this pandemic will end soon even with the presence of an almost effective vaccine. But to keep our lives intact, having these set of values will help us go back on track. This crisis helped us accept the fact that we are broken people and we are prone to falling to pieces every once in a while. 

How to Write Your Own Values

1. Writing your Values using the Six Spokes Strategy

I recently read a “theory” on Medium. It’s called the Six Spokes Theory by Darius Foroux. According to Foroux, the strategy to live an optimal life is to keep the following aspects balance:

1. Body
2. Mind
3. Love
4. Play
5. Money
6. Work

If you want to draft your values, you can start using this theory. Make specific activities and projects in order to balance these aspects. 

2. Writing your values using the Pesonal Mission Statement of Stephen Covey (from the Book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

According to the popular self help book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we should write down our Personal Mission Statement in order to guide us throughout life. In order for us to write this, we should be able to answer the following questions: 

a. Character: Who do you want to be?
b. Contribution: What do you want to do?
c. Achievements: What are the core values and principles that govern your CHARACTER and CONTRIBUTION? 

3. Choose your values.

This is what I actually did when I drafted my values because this is the simplest way. I checked on Scott Jeffrey’s 200 Core Values list and just chose the values which spoke to me during the quarantine. 

Here’s the link https://scottjeffrey.com/core-values-list/

There you have it. If you wish to draft your core values with my help, just message me and let’s talk about them. Email me at pilgrimagetowherever@gmail.com

Kung Saan Saan Podcast

It’s been ages since I planned to produce a podcast, and finally, on a random day, I decided to make one. Like I woke up, washed my face and told myself “Today, I am going to finally create a podcast”.

Unfortunately, this is a Tagalog-English podcast because I am more comfortable with that language.

The title is “Kung Saan Saan” or “To Wherever” in English. I don’t want to state the obvious, but it’s similar to my blog title.

The first episode is about religion and I just read the article I wrote for Elephant Journal.

I hope you will like it! Now available on Spotify!