Into Samadhi

Samadhi – The term ‘Samadhi’ derives from the root sam-a-dha, which means ‘to collect’ or ‘bring together’, and thus it is often translated as ‘concentration’ or ‘unification of mind. (Wikipedia)

Sheung Wan is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong. Everywhere you look is a form of artwork. It is also home to the very colourful art scenes in the country. It is an old neighbourhood where old traditions are preserved.

During my backpacking trip in Hong Kong and Macau 8 years ago, I spent a day in Sheung Wan for a photo walk. I have taken loads of pictures that time from wall art to flower boxes. I am grateful that I had the chance to add new photos to my collection.

Nothing much has changed, to be honest. The vibe was the same.

I was able to revisit Man Mo temple, and I was lucky that it was not crowded that time. Man Mo is one of the touristy temples in Hong Kong. The last time I went there, I hardly had pictures because both pilgrims and tourists flock the area. Man Mo temple was built to honour Man, the God of Literature and Mo, the God of War. The temple is in Hollywood Road, one of the major and oldest streets in Sheung Wan. If you are looking for antiques and artworks, this road is the go-to road.

But my main reason why I was in Sheung Wan was to look for Samadhi Training Center for the Soul. Again, this Hong Kong trip was a pilgrimage. During my first day, I was not able to find it. I was not bringing any map, and I had no access on the internet. I returned on the second day to intentionally look for it, and I was glad I was able to find the center. Apparently, it was located next to Hollywood Road. I could be stupid with directions sometimes.

The center is located next to a tea shop and a hole-in-the-wall food stall. The facade has this quote:

Your nucleus is of God, so you don’t need to do anything to deserve it. You simply are IT. And no matter how much you disbelieve, or try to disown this divine identity, you remain a precious part of something Loving, Supreme and All-powerful.

It was a statement by Mother Ocean, Samadhi Training Center’s founder.

As I opened the door to the center, I felt a peaceful feeling. It was kinda weird. The light inside was comforting. The colour purple dominated the room, purple carpet, purple pillows and purple cushions. The aroma inside was relaxing.

Then a woman welcomed me to the center. She was smiling, genuinely, at me, as if she’s smiling at my soul. Without exaggerations, she looked like a fairy straight out from an epic movie.

“Namaste!”, she greeted me. Namaste means peace. “What can I do for you?”

“Hi. I am Darby from the Philippines. I am travelling around Sheung Wan, and I planned to check out your center. I actually sent you a Facebook message that I will visit one of these days.”

“Oh yes, I remember. Come here and pick a cushion”, she asked me to sit down next to her. She started to explain to me what the center is about. “Samadhi Training Center for the Soul serves as a refuge for the soul. People can come here to sit and be still. Our founder is Mother Ocean.”

“Is she a local?”, I asked.

“Actually she was Malaysian born but lived in the UK for quite some time. I am actually from Switzerland, and I am doing voluntary work in this center”, she answered. “This place is actually designed metaphysically, and it contains a Light Matrix. Later, when you start your meditation, you can download this light in you.”

I had no idea what a Light Matrix was, but we continued the discussion. I shared my story about how this year slapped me on the face because of my mom’s cancer and other equally difficult trials.

“We need not label things as something good and something bad. Your mom’s cancer will open doors of opportunity for your spiritual growth”, she said. This could be a cliche, but this is the truth. I have become more human than ever after mom’s diagnosis. I grew more emphatic to other people.

“I agree”, I said. “It also led me here, in your center. I planned this Hong Kong trip to be a pilgrimage.”

“That is right. We are also here to evolve and to serve. Service is the highest form of love. When we serve others, we serve God.”

I smiled. Everything she said brought life to me.

“Ok. I will leave you now so that you can meditate”, she said. She stood up and entered another room to play music to help me meditate.

I closed my eyes.

Focused on my breathing.

Felt the metaphysical light she was telling me. I trusted the unknown.

Felt the present moment.

For the longest time, I finally had the chance to meditate, even for 10 minutes.

I felt recharged after the long walks I have had for two days.

I left the center by offering a small donation to keep things running there. Busy Hong Kong needs these spaces.

This center reminded me of the truths the universe kept on telling me over and over again throughout my life. That we are divine. That we are parts and parcels of God. We often forget these truths because we do not allow ourselves to stay still and feel the present.

We need places like Samadhi to gently remind us of the power that is inside us.

I have been scanning their Facebook account and here are my favourite quotes by Samadhi’s founder, Mother Ocean:

“Life does not create the suffering, it is your reaction to life that creates the suffering.”

“The Universe is a hologram. Each part contains the whole. When we know ourselves, we will know the Universe.”

“Whatever somebody says, whatever somebody does, it is only a mirror reflection of what is within them. It has nothing to do with you. So don’t take it personally.”

“Spiritual growth is about the Realisation of the Wholeness of Life.”

and my favourite:


Photos I got in Sheung Wan:

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