Every Friday Night: Something New

Hello and welcome to Every Friday Night. This is a weekly newsletter curating my reflections throughout the week. I actually started this series on Medium, but I decided to put everything on this blog to maximise the site.

Last Friday, December 7, I finally launched this blog. Although I have not received a lot of feedback, I am still working my way on writing content for my readers. I have also decided to take things slow and allow my blog to grow on its own pace. I love my new blog and its theme. I launched it with a few articles and the Pilgrimage to Hong Kong Series. I received good feedback from the Jazz article because the artist I featured shared the site. I love connecting with people especially artists, musicians and entrepreneurs.

Because of the blog, I have been, more than ever, active on Social Media. I am not sure if my friends are already cursing me behind my back. I have been changing my Instagram theme a lot! I apologise, dear friends. Be patient with me and my creative process haha.

Anyway, I finally started attending Yoga classes after years of planning. As the cliche goes, if the student is ready, the teacher will appear. A month ago, I had a mild case of Rhabdomyolysis because I exerted too much effort on a Crossfit session. I freaked out after urinating brown urine, which is already a sign to go to the emergency room. My blood tests were high. It took me more than a month and expensive supplements to lower down my SGPT level of 456! That’s when I finally decided to close the CrossFit door. So I gave Yoga a try, and I am already addicted to it. The practice also thought me to stay grounded again and to close my eyes in silence finally. (will write a separate blog post about this). Yoga is not a workout, its a work in.

Yesterday, I went to the lab to check my SGPT and luckily, it went down to 26. I swear I told my friends and officemates that I will treat them at the nearby Thai restaurant.

Here’s my Culture Bank for the week:

See how addicted I am with yoga? I watched the 2017 documentary On Yoga the Architecture of Peace on Netflix. It inspired me to dwell more on Yoga, not just Yoga as a physical activity but Yoga as a form of worship, meditation, devotion and service to others. The documentary is about a professional photographer who injured his hands because of his profession. He did yoga, healed his hands and started documenting photos of Yogis in practice. It’s inspirational.

This week also marked my 7th Yoga Session. I sometimes get frustrated whenever I fail to make the perfect posture, even the basic ones. Here’s a lovely Elephant Journal article about dealing with frustrations in our Yoga practice:

Yoga is also a misunderstood practice even to those who are already practising it. This 30-minute Youtube video explained other forms of Yoga and what does it mean to take the Yogic Path:

My favourite among the Yogic Path is Bakhti Yoga. But every path is equally essential.

Enough of Yoga, let me share with you the podcast of Matt D Avela featuring Justin Henderson. Matt is my favourite minimalist while Justin is a 4x Grammy Nominated record producer. They tackled about the pressures, be it social or personal, of being a creator. They also talked about being a minimalist in the cluttered world of music production. Check this out!

That’s it for the week guys! See you again next week and hope you check out my published articles on my blog. I had written my experience when I tried Osho’s Dynamic Meditation at home. I also jot down my observations and realisations whenever we go to the hospital for my mom’s chemo.