Every 10 Days : January 1-10, 2019

Before I begin this post, I would like to repost a meme I found on Facebook.

I cracked in laughter after seeing this especially if you are a Filipino.

Well anyway, Happy New Year! I am starting this Newsletter on Pilgrimage to Wherever. It’s called Every 10 Days. Initially, this should be Every Friday Night. Unfortunately, I cannot sustain it because I am pressured to post every week, every Friday. When I started this blog, I promised to not put pressure on myself. I just want to enjoy this blog as much as I can. This newsletter is more personal than my other posts.

2018 was one helluva year! It drastically changed my life, and it pushed me to be stronger. I took my mom’s cancer diagnosis very hard, but it also brought me to countless epiphanies about life and about myself. On a higher level, my mom’s cancer actually allowed me to connect to people on a deeper level. It taught me about empathy. I am not sure if it’s good or bad, but I easily cry now every time people share personal stories. I rarely cry before.

The highs and lows of 2018 gave me tangible and intangible gifts to use this 2019. First, the fact that I am f*cking strong and that I was able to survive in 2018! That’s already a big thing for me because what happened last year chiselled me to be a rockstar, a superhero! Second, I learned how to meditate last year. But this year, I want to do it, even for 15 minutes a day consistently. Third, Yoga played a huge role to keep my sanity in the last quarter of 2018, the busiest months of the year. Like meditation, I want to practice Yoga every day.

I do not have written resolutions (and I am not sure if I need to jot specifics down). But I would like to take things slow and focus on being mindful. I would also want to manage my daily energy and to disallow energy vampires to suck the fire out of me. I would like to think that there is an invisible battery percentage at the top of my head. I need to come home with enough battery percentage to spend time with my loved ones.

The First 10 Days of the Year (January 1-10, 2019):

365 Days of Yoga and Meditation

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Before the year started, I planned to have a 365 Days of Meditation and 365 Days of Yoga in 2019. So far, I am doing well. Our yoga teacher also integrated a short meditation class before practising the Asanas (body poses). That made my goals easier to achieve. This is also my longest meditation streak. I used to do 30-minute meditation last year, but I am not consistent. I realised short but consistent meditation sessions are better than the long but inconsistent ones.

10 Days of regular Yoga practice already produced fruits. I drink 8 glasses of water now. I no longer abuse my flexitime at work because I had to come early to leave early for the 6pm Yoga Class. My officemates commended me for not being late anymore.


The first week of work was already loaded with Trade Fair invitations. My primary task at work is to help promote small businesses. Exposing them to exhibits and farmers markets helps a lot. I am currently working on their requirements for the fair in Ilocos Sur 2 weeks from now! Travel opportunities, yay!

I have posted a blog post about a small business who manufactures reusable diapers and pantyliners.

I also publish articles at Medium now because I am so in love with Medium’s Interface.

Things I consumed on the Internet:

I wish you can find these very helpful:

The Marie Kondo Netflix Documentary. It’s all over the internet now. My cute Marie Kondo is now finding its way to the mainstream media. I learned about Marie and the KonMari Method a couple of years ago when I decided to practice Minimalism. One thing I love about KonMari is that she doesn’t force you to throw away stuff to achieve a cleaner house. She suggests keeping things that spark joy in your heart.

It’s Official: Yoga Helps Depression. This Time Magazine article is a study conducted by Boston University about Yoga. 

Productivity. Here’s an interesting podcast by Matt D’ Avella with guest Thomas Frank of College Geek Info. I now make a point to listen to podcasts while commuting to work. 

That’s it for the first 10 days of year 2019. How was your first 10 days? Feel free to comment below.