Every 10 Days : January 11-20, 2019

Hello and this is the 2nd Every 10 Days episode. Every 10 Days is the newsletter of this blog. This is where I curate my reflections throughout the week or every 10 days.

The first month of the year is about to end. It felt like it was yesterday that we jumped up and down while celebrating the New Year. We were all gung ho with changing the fucked up areas of our lives. At this point, I am hoping that everyone kept that positive vibe. Some say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I hope we all developed at least 1 consistent habit to make us sane this year. The 21st day is tomorrow.

My 11th to 20th Day

365 Days of Yoga and Meditation

This commitment is challenging but glad I was able to sustain it. I am on my 20th-day streak.

Last night, for the first time this year, I was feeling under the weather. I was lazy even to sit down. But this Yoga and Meditation project is already a non-negotiable part of the day. I went out of the bed, diffused some oils to clear my room’s energy, played relaxing music and finally stepped on the mat. I did some 22 Sun Salutations. Because I was already revved up, I tried perfecting my chaturanga. Then I realised that I practised for more than an hour plus a 15-minute meditation. A 15-minute meditation is already a breakthrough for me. This year, I started with 5 minutes per day meditation.

I don’t want to sound hard on myself. But the discipline of stepping on the mat daily, be it yoga or meditation, helped me in other areas of my life. I have not been late in the office this year. I became more conscious of my spending habits. I am more focused on my breathing whenever I am stressed out.

Fuck Cancer

This week was also the results week of my mom’s lab tests. Did the chemo work or not? I still do not know as I write this.

Last year, lab tests traumatised me. There was no good news. Even for my own lab tests when I almost had a kidney and liver failure because of Crossfit (more on this topic soon). The waiting game is hell. But I promised myself not to worry about it because worrying cannot do anything.

A few days ago, I had a dream about my high school graduation. Mom was there. But she was very ill. She touched my face and told me that she’s proud of me. I woke up crying. Why the hell am I dreaming about these things?

Mom is healthy! That’s ok for now.

On Letting Go

Whenever we are about to end our yoga class, our teacher often tells us that we need to let go of our practice. I actually did not understand what she meant by it. Then I tried to reflect on it, and I finally got it, at least based on my own interpretation. There are times in a yoga practice that you get frustrated. I feel this a lot especially when I cannot do a specific pose, even the basic ones. Letting go means not to think about it. Letting go means not to be hard on yourself. Letting go means not to get envious of the person next to you. On the other hand, whenever I get a particular pose, and I felt like a rockstar doing it, I should also let go of it. Clinging on success may trap us to forget where we started and how we started. Letting go is humility.

This sounds hard, but I guess this letting go mindset should also flow outside the mat. Whenever we feel good about ourselves, we should embrace it and then let go of it. Whenever we achieve a goal, let us celebrate but let us also move on. Whenever we fail, we cry and then let go. Nothing is permanent after all, so why cling?

No “Things I Consumed on the Internet” this week because I hardly read a thing. On the other hand, I socialised a lot…and…

If you can read this, you survived the first 20 days of the year. I am wishing you happiness, health and peace!