Five Must-Have Mindfulness Apps on your iPhone this 2019

The world now is crazy about Marie Kondo, the sensational tidying expert. She was a controversial petite Japanese lady who believes that you should only keep things that spark joy. Otherwise, say thank you to the items, dispose of them or give them away. I am a follower, a KONvert. I spent the first 2 weeks of this month tidying up. I was able to dispose of a couple of large bags full of clothing, books and other stuff.

Aside from my physical space, I also “Konmaried” my smartphone. I deleted apps which I do not use and did not spark joy. Then, I maintained a handful of apps especially those who can keep me relaxed and spiritually fit.

Here are the apps who survived my purge and I hope you can also download them:


Calm is a meditation app with plenty of guided meditations. Let us face it, most of us are having a difficult time sitting still. You can actually try the app for 7 days and you can renew with a very minimal fee.

Why I like the app?

I am in love with the themes and background music which I can play even while I am working. My favourite is the rain on leaves and the thunderstorm because I am a Pluviophile. The app also tracks my progress and my meditation history. I also love playing their lullaby stories before I go to bed. You can also download meditation classes if in case you want to listen offline.

2. Oak

Oak is similar to Calm, but this is a simpler version. If you are into Zen, this is the meditation app for you.

Why I like the app?

It is free! And you get to collect badges whenever you complete a series of meditation sessions. There are also guided meditations and breathing techniques. The interface is Zen-like, too.

3. WeCroak

WeCroak is a pretty unique app. It reminds you five times a day via your notifications that you will die. It is then backed up with a quote about living and dying. Whenever I share this app to people, they freak out because they find it absurd and morbid. Let me tell you this: the topic of death should not be a taboo. It is an inevitable part of being a human. A friendly reminder every day that death is absolute allows us to reflect the shortness of life. It also reminds us to be more humble, to be more grateful and to be more loving.

Why I like the app?

Quotes, quotes and quotes!

4. Alo Moves

Alo Moves offers online yoga classes. They offer a 14-day free trial, and you can download videos if in case you do not have an internet connection. The app and the membership are quite expensive. It’s around $20 per month. But I think of it as a 60 cents/day full yoga practice.

Why I like the app?

Aside from the asanas (poses), they also offer meditation classes.

5. Notion

Notion is a note taking app. This is not a mindfulness app, but I use this to clear my mind from clutter by journalling. I also organise almost everything here. An organised life buys me extra time and energy for other important things. You can get Notion at a very minimal price.

Why I like the app?

You can have a checklist, a calendar and a to do list (like Trello). If you share it with a friend, they will give you credits to buy a premium version of the app. This app is new, and they are still improving it.

How about you? Can you share your favourite apps? Comment below!

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