From Pet Bottles to Upscaled High Fashion Accessories – An Interview with Bryan Gil Creations

Photo by Alex Anunuevo

“Human beings had forgotten that they too were part of nature. They had been arrogant enough to think themselves masters of nature, and nature was now going to have revenge on them” – Pankaj Mishra, An End to Suffering.

Sustainability is the name of the game in business nowadays. Every entrepreneur talks about this. Sustainability means being able to continue one’s business with significant consideration of external factors.

But for Mr Gilbert and Ms Bryan Garcia of Bryan Gil Creations, sustainability is not enough. Entrepreneurs should also be responsible for their environment. Raw materials should not be harmful to the environment. I met the couple, and they are few of the sensible people I met. They are very passionate about their business without compromising their principles and integrity.

Recently, this small company sponsored the accessories of Maria Franchesca Taruc, Ms Tourism World 2019 during the competition.

The Garcia Family with Ms. Franchesca Taruc.

Of course, like any other businesses, the husband and wife tandem faced a lot of challenges.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Gil Creations

Here’s the interview I recently had with them:

Pilgrimage to Wherever (PTW): Hello Ms. Bryan and Mr Gilbert, thanks for allowing me to interview you. I have a few questions for you. When did your company start? Why did you decide to put up this business?

Bryan Gil Creations (BGC): We registered Bryan Gil Creations in January 2016. Before, it was purely a hobby. The Garcia clan is known for their jewellery craftmanship in Meycauayan, Bulacan. It became a source of livelihood for us in 2014 when we were given a slot at a local hotel during their Halloween Bazaar. From then on, we became regular “bazaaristas”.

PTW: What is the best selling product of Bryan Gil?

BGC: We have different customers for different product lines. We cannot say that our accessories sell better than body essentials (soaps, oils and perfumes). Each product has a vital contribution to what Bryan Gil has achieved as an enterprise.

PTW: I heard that you designed and created the accessories used by the reigning Miss Tourism World 2019 Intercontinental. What did you feel after she won the pageant? Can you please tell us more about it.

BGC: Yes, we were one of the sponsors of reigning Miss Tourism World. It was a collaboration among Kapampangan designers, make up artists and stylists. We did not expect much. We told our candidate just to enjoy the pageant. Everyone in her glam team exerted their utmost support. It was a group effort. And during her victory party, most of us were there. We are delighted we became part of this journey.

PTW: You use recycled materials like used pet bottles to make high-end accessories. How did the public react to this?

BGC: The market trend now is focused on the environmental impact of the products. And we could say our accessories from recycled plastic bottles did well in the market. Not until other designers started to do the same product. It is a thing in the fashion industry. One copies another. And for us to keep our pace on the track, we come up with new designs on a regular basis. Right now, I am working on creating leather from plastic bags.

PTW: Wow! We will be waiting for that new product! Do you think Bryan Gil can sustain a business like this in the next 5 years?

BGC: We have been in the business since 2014, though we only registered it last 2016. But we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this year. And yes, we will go a long, long way. We realised that for a business to continue, the owners should be on top of everything. Downfalls come when owners allow their employees to take vital tasks. Doing business is no different from raising a child. You should be there all the time, attending to every need, monitoring the baby day and night.

PTW: Is it possible to earn money without harming the environment?

BGC: Yes! But the real question should be: Is it possible to earn MORE money without harming the environment. Our answer to that is, NO. Choosing organic, natural and upscaled products are far more expensive than joining the bandwagon of those who patronise synthetic, mass-produced supplies.

PTW: Can you give our readers some advice if they want to put up their eco-friendly businesses in the future?

BGC: Our advise to the readers is that they must understand why they need to be into eco-friendly products. Superficial reason would be because its the trend. But they need to understand the long term effects of this advocacy. Also, they might have heard of “selective empathy”. We ditch plastic drinking straws for the bamboo or stainless metal, yet we still eat food served using disposable plastic materials. Honestly, we still contribute to plastic waste. But we have cut the volume dramatically. There will be technologies in the future to deal with plastic waste, but for now, all we can do is to reduce its use.

PTW: You guys are very inspiring. I hope the readers of this blog can consider what you have said. Thank you very much for allowing us to interview you despite your busy schedule. One last thing, how can the customers reach you?

BGC: You are very much welcome. They can check out our Facebook Page to know more about our business and advocacies.


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