Every 10 Days : January 31-February 9, 2019

Episode 4 of the Year 2019 (Days 31-40)

Every 10 Days is the newsletter of this blog. This newsletter is where I curate my reflections throughout the week or every ten days.

This week we celebrated the Chinese New Year! I went to Manila for an overnight staycation. We all need staycations every now and then, right? A few days before the New Year, I already re-explored Binondo, Philippines’ Chinatown. If you have not read my blog post about it, click here.

Fuck Cancer

Yesterday, my mom called me late in the afternoon and told me that she’s in the clinic. She asked me what kinds of chemo she took. Glad I know them all. I had all the details of mom’s case since her diagnosis almost a year ago. I have kept a journal and tried to document everything.

Mom told me that she went to a Nephrologist because of her consistent high Creatinine results. According to her Nephrologist, her kidneys are weak because she has been drinking maintenance drugs for her Hypertension since she was 38. I realized that I should be taking care of myself more. I don’t want to drink maintenance drugs when I reach that age.

Mom will be confined next week for two days for her Colonoscopy. We will be spending Valentines Day in the hospital. We need to confine her because Out-patient Colonoscopy is no longer an option.

365 Days of Yoga and Meditation

Consistency plays a huge role in Yoga. As I write this, I am celebrating the 40-day streak of my 365 Days of Yoga challenge. This week, I almost broke the streak because of an emotional meltdown. But #YogaIsLife! Well, I did not step on my mat. Instead, I watched a bedtime yoga video on Youtube and did the whole practice on my bed. And honestly, it made me feel a little bit better, and it granted me an extra dose of happy energy.

The last episode, I was having a hard time doing the headstand. In fact, I thought I would not be able to do it in this lifetime. But because of my teachers, my consistent practice and my energy, I was finally able to do it this week! As a bonus, I was able to do Devadutta Panna Asana or the fallen angel pose. I was surprised I was able to do it.

My meditation this week taught me about detachment. Thoughts flooded me again. Mostly thoughts about work and money, and the lack thereof haha. I also thought of my relationships. I also thought of my health. I realized that these thoughts only proved that I am overly attached to to…myself.

What I have been consuming online:

I just finished Netflix/FX’s series Pose. It is a story of the Balls scene and “House” culture in New York City circa 1988. We followed very lovely and strong characters, all members of the LGBTQ community. The community in the 80s is very medieval compared now. They looked at AIDS as God’s punishment for gays and trans, and if you are heterosexual, you can’t have the disease. There’s also discrimination inside the community. You cannot enter a gay bar if you are trans.

One of my favourite storylines was the ups and downs of Elektra Abundance, the mother of the House of Abundance, the villain (sort of) in the series. She’s the strongest character in the story.

You betta watch it!

I also want to share with you what our Yoga teacher shared to us about attachment and detachment. She sent us a video and an article about suffering or “Kleshas” in Sanskrit. They emphasized Raga or overattachment to things.

Here’s the video:

And you can click HERE for the article.

There are actually 5 Kleshas and this infographic sums them up:

That’s it for the week. I hope to see you in 10 days!