Every 10 Days : February 10-19, 2019

Exactly a year ago, I started Bullet Journalling (BuJo) using a black notebook I bought at Miniso. Unfortunately, I stopped after a couple of months. Carrying a notebook, in my personal opinion, is an ancient idea. Peace to all Moleskine enthusiasts. I then continued journalling using Evernote. Then, I moved everything to Notion because Evernote is expensive. (Read 5 Mindfulness App)

Last night, I checked out that Black Miniso notebook again. It was covered in dust as if it’s been a decade since I last used it. That cheap notebook brought me so many emotions. It was my listening ear last year when they diagnosed mom with Cancer. It was a detailed, raw, unedited day-to-day journal. Around this time last year, my mom was complaining about her stomach pains. The doctor diagnosis was a simple Gall Bladder stone.

Journalling has been part of my life since I was a pre-teen. Although inconsistent, I try my best to jot down important details and mental & emotional clutter I needed to throw away. It helps a lot especially if your friends are not around to listen to your blah blahs. Try it. It could be on an actual notebook or online.

I want to share with you a journal entry from that Black Miniso notebook:

February 23, 2018

“This was probably one of the saddest moments of this year. My mom was admitted last night for the removal of her gall bladder. After her operation, the doctor talked to my dad and me. He told us that they found seed-like lesions covering mom’s diaphragm and stomach. The doctor was a bit worried because it could be tuberculosis of the stomach. I was worried the whole day. I cannot stand the fact that my mom is experiencing this. I realized that this is life. Nobody is exempted. And ironically, this is comforting for me. I am praying hard that this will be over soon. I hope that the biopsy result is nothing serious.”

Who would have thought that a week after Feb 23, they diagnosed mom with Stage 4 Colon Cancer?

Fuck Cancer

This week was a week of breakthroughs for the family. Last Valentine’s day, we had to confine Mom for her Colonoscopy. Today is her first colonoscopy after her major surgery last year and her chemo sessions. Because of her weak kidneys, she needed in-patient care for this particular procedure.

The doctor reported that her intestines have no mass or lesions. It’s a clear result. As a bonus, her Creatinine level decreased from 300 to 180. Although it is still relatively high, it’s tremendous progress and something to be grateful about.

If you are reading this and if you are one of those who prayed for mom or sent healing intentions for her, thank you very much. Your energy is powerful!

Yoga and Meditation

For the first time, our local yoga studio opened an Ashtanga class this week. I like the class because it is more structured than the flow. I also love the flow but holding the poses is very challenging.

Yoga practice is teaching me a lot of things about myself. This week, I had to face envy and jealousy. A few weeks ago, I dealt with frustrations. Yoga brings out the worst in me so that I can gracefully deal with them.

On meditation, I was a bit frustrated about my sessions this week. Like when the week started, I am all revved up for a full 30-minute session using the Oak app. Unfortunately, I felt that my breathing was not longer than the usual. I got worried and stopped meditating on the 10th minute. I am not sure if something is wrong with me physically or I am overreacting. I hope I can do a meditation session this week.


Maartisans, a new group of SME artists asked me to be their adviser. We met this week, and we discussed the plans of the group over coffee and Thai food. I already featured 2 of the members here. (check out )

The primary purpose of the group is very simple but noble. They want to involve the community in their businesses. They want to give them a livelihood. They want sustainable business operations and as much as possible, use eco-friendly products. That’s why it’s an honour to help the group.

Anyway, I want to share with you the things I have been consuming online the past week. Find time to read them.

This week, although I have been attending Yoga classes and consistently doing a home practice, my body still feels heavy. I am not overweight, but I am weak and tired most of the time. I realized that my food consumption is the culprit. I have been drinking a lot of coffee and other acidic drinks. I eat junk foods, chips, sugary foods, etc. So yeah. This article talks about listening to your body and eat what you think your body needs. It’s a different approach. It does not discriminate other forms of diet.


HEre’s also another good article from MEdium about seizing the day. Ryan Holiday, the author of the article, used famous stoics as examples. It’s a good read!


That’s it for this episode. See you in 10 days!