Week 2 of 52 Weeks of Trouble

Hello again. This is the 2nd week of 2021 and I am excited to share with you my adventures and mis-adventures for this week. Week 2 will be from January 3-9, 2021. I spent most of the week at work, planning for the rest of the year and did some biking here and there. I also spend my time looking for pet shops for Virgo’s food. It was generally an exciting week. 

Virgo the Cat

It’s been more than 2 weeks of taking care of this little cute Siamese kitten. Like what I have said before, this is my first time to pet a cat. I have learned a lot so far. During his first week, I had no idea on how to dispose a cat litter. So almost every other day, I throw things away, which was quite expensive and not sustainable. Thanks to Youtube that I realized that you should only dispose the cat poop, and what better way to do this is to use a litter scooper with holes. These are common sense for some but I am learning these from scratch. I also learned that shifting cat food should be gradual. 


Meditation became a staple this week. And I had a streak! I set 9pm to be my non-negotiable meditation time. I also set 15 minutes of meditation every night. This is a sustainable practice for me because more than 15 minutes is already too much. But I am planning to progress in the next months if I am consistent with my practice. For January, I will not focus on the techniques like posture, breathing, etc, but I want to focus on maintaining consistency and making it a habit. 

I also want to quote an entry from my bullet journal this week:

“I observed that my mind is really cluttered, especially with painful memories. I realized that these just exist in my mind. Sitting HERE and breathing HERE is the only thing there is. I also repeated the mantras “I AM STRONG” and “I’M GOING TO BE STRONG”. I have decided to make a proactive and conscious effort to deal with the monsters that make me weak–insecurities and discontent. Meditation does help. Gratitude helps” – January 3, 2021

“My mind is rotten. I must control it” – January 6, 2021


This is the first workweek of the year and I am already on FIRE! Of course, the Christmas gifts on my desk sparked joy especially the Water Jug I have been dying to have last year (thanks to my boss!). So for January, we usually do some work from last year including assessment of staff, assessment of what happened last year and planning sessions here and there. I will be talking more about my work in the next few weeks. 

I also spend my working days talking to the business counselors. It is a nice feeling to talk to people on a deeper level, to know their motivations, to know what the things they love doing. I guess I will make this a regular practice this year.


Biking is a new hobby for me. We have had several bike nights this week. Glad we were able to finally purchase the front and back lights of the bikes. It was quite scary for a newbie biker to bike on the highway, but I could say that this is already a milestone for me. I am also happy that I get to go to places without spending a single centavo. Last January 5, we went out for the first time and ate at a cool burger joint in town. I ordered chicken wings. Last January 7, we biked our first 14 kilometers.

I realized that I love biking at night. The cold January weather made it more relaxing.

Working Out

For this week, I celebrated my first workout anniversary.
I am also proud of myself for I can already deadlift my weight. I remember that I started with an empty bar a year ago. This is another progress for me. My new mantra now is SLOW PROGRESS IS PROGRESS.

Things I consumed this week:

I will try my best to post my media consumption every week. When I say “media consumption”, these are the things I read, watch or experienced. This week, my media consumption is very low because I have been latching on social media a lot (which is now a work-in-progress, and I have to do something about it already).

Disney’s Soul

Disney has done it again! This time, it’s about the human soul. It is a feel good movie and one should definitely watch this with a creative and open mind. I love how they presented the different kinds of soul. Soundtrack is perfect, too.

How to Stop Being TIRED All the Time – Thomas Frank

This is one good Youtube video. Here, Tom explained why we are always tired and he gave tips on how to overcome this dilemma of almost every person I know.

That’s it for the week. I hope to see you next week!

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