Podcast Episode 1 Guide : Podcasting and Productivity

Since the language of my podcast is in Tagalog-English (Taglish), I don’t want other listeners to miss some certain points of the podcast. I will be putting here the quotable quotes per podcast and the recommendations I mentioned in the podcast.


  1. Why should you listen to my podcast and podcasts in general?
  2. How to reach your audience using podcasts?
  3. Podcast recommendations
  4. What is Productivity
  5. Productivity as a lifestyle
  6. Why you should create a system to organize your professional and personal life.
  7. Different kinds of organization systems and their pros and cons
  8. App Recommendations to help you organize your life


“Although I dont always listen to podcasts regularly, they are my go-to social media medium whenever I need to stay quiet somewhere and learn something new or just to find an inspiration.”

The number one benefit of having an system of your own is that you generate extra time. And you can use this extra time to do the things you love doing aside from your day job or the business that you are managing. 

There are 2 advantages on using an analog system like a notebook or a planner. First, it is proven that there is more retention on your thoughts and ideas when you write it on paper than when you write it online. Second, when you use this, you are less prone to online distractions like social media. 

Again, for productivity, you can create a system of your own that will work for you. Always remember the benefits you can get when you organize your life a little bit. Take this as a baby step. If you really are not into organizing and this is super new to you, just keep a calendar or use your phone’s calendar and schedule things.


  1. Anchor – This is where I host the podcast. I am so in love with this app because it did everything for me, for free. So if you are interested to produce a podcast, go and visit the site.
  2. Victory Church Podcast– This was the podcast I listened to back in college when I was still a church rat. Good wisdom from the pastors.
  3. Small Talks by Alec Cuenca– One of my favorite podcasters in the Philippines. The topics are mainly about self help and self development.
  4. Deep Questions with Cal Newport- Author of the book Deep Work, Cal usually answers questions about producing quality work, productivity and digital minimalism.
  5. The Minimalist Podcast– My podcast staple! Better listen to this duo as they talk about minimalism and other lifestyle hacks.
  6. The Bullet Journal System– This is one of the best analog system if you wish to go analog in your organizational system.
  7. Evernote– The note-taking app that I use to organize my personal and professional life.
  8. Google Calendar


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Google Podcast
Radio Public

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