Podcast Episode 2 Guide : Reincarnation


  1. 7 Ways to Fulfill your Urge to Travel during the Pandemic
  2. Stigmas surrounding the concept of Reincarnation
  3. What is Reincarnation?
  4. Reincarnation in esoteric religions and cults
  5. Reincarnation in Pop Culture
  6. What we can learn about reincarnation in our everyday lives


Even in the Philippines. You don’t usually get to hear a lot of people talking about reincarnation except for hopeless romantics who would wish that they’d be together with their partners in the next life, even if it would mean they are monkeys or starfishes.

For some, they find reincarnation more scientific than heaven and hell. According to scientists who believes in reincarnation, everything, including the soul is an energy so you cannot destroy energy but it can just change forms. 

According to them (Hare Krsna Movement), they believe in reincarnation but the goal is to stop the cycle of death and birth. So our goal here on earth is to be one with God after we die. That’s why they believe that we should devote our lives to God so that we stop the cycle. 

Whatever you do now, it will reflect on your next lives. So if you got away with a murder on this lifetime, maybe you will pay for your sins in the next. So the mere fact that we are humans now with the ability to think, feel, act, decide, etc means we deserve to be humans and not worms. 

I was listening to a podcast  by Duncan Russel and he told the listeners that being human right now on this planet is like we passed the ivy leagues. 

Everything is happening all at the same time. The past, the present and the future. 

So the lesson of the story is everyone around you is just the reincarnation of yourself. Meaning, everyone around you is you. So if you hurt someone, you are hurting yourself. If you kill someone you are killing yourself. If you are kind to someone, you are being kind on yourself. 

Thinking like this would allow us to be non-judgemental. If we realize that we are all one, why would we judge other people now?

For some, reincarnation is cleaning your mess later or cleaning your mess now.  Believing in reincarnation would allow us to be more loving to others, and that is the main teaching of every world religion there is. LOVE. And once we embody that love, and be that transcendental love, then we can stop the cycle of death and rebirth, so that we can become one with our main source, God or the universe. 


  1. 7 Ways to Fulfill your Urge to Travel during the Pandemic – The writer suggested 7 ways on how to fulfill our wanderlust during the pandemic.
  2. Adopt a Cat Facebook Page- This is an adopt a cat page in my province, but you can search for other Adopt a Cat pages in your area.
  3. Duncan Trussel Family Hour Podcast– A comedic podcast about new age stuff. He is also the guy behind one of my favorite netflix shows, The Midnight Gospel.
  4. Kurzgesagt Youtube Channel– Here you can find the The Egg episode mentioned in the podcast. Cool animation and narration. The music is lit too!
  5. I Origins – A movie about reincarnation


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