“To know yourself is to forget yourself. To forget yourself is to become enlightened by all things” – Dogen Zenji

Pilgrimage (noun) – a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance.

Pilgrimage to Wherever is a travel and lifestyle blog focused on spirituality and faith. This is also my personal journal and my creative medium to express my beliefs. Since it is a travel blog, I will feature special places and experiences to inspire you on your next travel if you want a hearty one.

I created this blog in 2018 because that year was emotionally draining. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. It was a difficult time, but it was also a spiritual experience and a wake-up call for me to realign my core. I want to put it into writing. Surprisingly, it really helped me handle my mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Then 2019 happened. I stopped writing here because I fell off the wagon. Just like any other journey, we change plans, we compromise our values and we do stupid things.

And finally, 2020 happened. In my case, this year was like pouring salt on an almost healing wound. The world shifted. We have a pandemic. And my mental health and spirituality…hit rock bottom. This is probably THE WORST YEAR EVER.

So here I am, trying to revive a blog on life support. And I believe this is the best time to start all over again, to give the lost art of blogging another chance.

This blog is divided in three segments:


The Bad Years is my personal online journal and where I will write my thoughts and meditations and reflections. Here, I will be tackling about my work, random thought experiments and the struggles of a 30 somethings.


Geek Out will be about my special interests. I will be doing reviews here, writing about fandoms (expect memes here) and anything about pop culture especially during this Pandemic.


Finally, the core purpose of this blog, Pilgrimages, will be about travel stories.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope it will give you inspiration during this very difficult time.

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