A few weeks ago, I had a coffee date with my college friend and his partner, who I just met for the first time. My friend introduced me as the “weird” friend, which in my opinion, a very good compliment. He would tell stories about my weird college lifestyle, my non-conformist slash hipster slash emo phase and every cool and embarrassing story he clearly remembered about me and our friendship. “He was my friend who blogged. And when blogging became popular, he stopped. Then he vlogged. We were laughing at him why he would video everything. But now, everyone, including me, is a vlogger.”

I started blogging back in 2005, when blogging was not yet mainstream. I would sleep very late designing a “skin” for the blog and trying out sparkling fonts for the header of my overly-intellectualized blog title. Minimalism and minimalist designs were not yet a thing back then. Photos were taken from a not-so-smart phone with a VGA camera. Then I will do everything on my huge but slow laptop. I would blog about my college friends and church activities and would cringe after a week about what I wrote. I sucked! But then, I’d start another blog. And then another. And because of consistency issues, I was not able to maintain a blog for more than a year. Blame it on adolescence, adulthood, insecurities about my content and grammar, and of course slow wifi connection. Excuses!

Now, blogging is no longer in the limelight (in my opinion), so this is the perfect time to start this gig again and I am not so sure if this will end soon. Of course, my 2020 blogger self is way way better than my 2005 self. I have a cool laptop, a nice phone with an (almost) nice cam for photos and a domain of my own! Fuck you poor 2005 self! Just kidding. I just want to enjoy the process and I hope you will enjoy it with me.

I am in love with my blog title. In fact, this was a resurrected blog. I cannot throw it away because of the title. Cheesy as it may sound, but PILGRIMAGE TO WHEREVER is actually the story of our lives. We fucking don’t know where we are going, like legit true for almost everyone I know. Instead, why not treat life as a pilgrimage, a spiritual journey, with the end as an unknown realm? 

I will try my best to make this blog as cool as possible, but nothing is new about this blog. It’s just a narrative of times that I am meaningful and relevant. *winks* 

I will try to write about adulthood, spirituality and juggling life here and there or maybe life in the middle of the pandemic. I will also try my best to integrate vlogging and podcasting (or tiktok?). So if you are feeling down, feeling cool or feeling bored, you can visit this blog. Make it your home, your safe space. Contribute if you must, just contact me. 

A too late disclaimer: I’d probably use the words “fuck” and “shit” throughout this blog.

I like taking personality tests online. If you already explored the Enneagrams, I am a type 3 person. As a “three”, I could be a narcissist and self conscious at times. It’s a curse. But also as a three, self improvement is integrated in me. I want to be better every single day. And maybe you will see this journey of self improvement on this blog. 

I am a traveler, a business counselor, a coffee lover and my eccentricities are obvious. I could be a high maintenance guy next door but I could also be your go-to person when you feel like life fucks you up.

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